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Qi and blood are the foundation of human life. The Liver is the organ responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood for all other organs. When the Liver is in low energy (Qi deficiency), it will lead the deficient blood and Qi (also known as Jing) in the Kidney, which may cause irregulate menstruation, menstruation pain.  

Menstrual Cycle

The ancient Chinese medicine theory tells us that a woman’s kidney Qi, moves in seven years’ cycles. In the first seven years, kidney Qi manifesting itself in the growth of hair and permanent teeth.  During the second seven years, this Qi will lead the girls growing and support the sexual organ’s development. The menstrual cycle starts from the second seven years, also called adolescent. 


A woman’s kidney Qi will achieve its peak at the fifth seven years, around age thirty five. There for, a woman’s flourish period is between age 14 and 35. During this period, the chance of pregnancy is the highest in a woman’s life. According to TCM, to strengthen the liver is the key to get healthy kidney Qi and blood which is the most important foundation of conceiving a healthy and intelligent baby.


The seventh seven years is the time that the menstrual cycle stops for a woman, a few may stop in the early of the eighth seven years. Eventually declining kidney Qi leads to exhaustion then extinguishing reproductive ability. Menopause represents the ending of menstrual. TCM calls the various symptoms that some women experience simply “menstrual cycle ending symptoms.” 
This stage of life is a natural part of a woman’s lifecycle and is a gateway to an enriching and fulfilling time of her life. A woman has a great opportunity to enhance her health during this transition period a woman has a great opportunity to enhance her health. Therefore,  to get healthy and balanced Qi and blood of organs may be the best way to maintain women’s health.

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