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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sports

Monday June 17th, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sports

Are you an athlete who is dedicated to notorious training regimes in pursuit of perfecting you craft and do you find this makes you increasingly susceptible to injury?

We know what appears as a seemingly small injury to some, can destroy any gold medal or sporting dream you have devoted your whole life towards achieving.

Injury prevention is of ultimate importance to you and finding the right supplement to get ahead can be tricky territory. It can be a challenging area to navigate, as manufacturers often release numerous products containing banned ingredients inducing harmful side effects.

In fact, many professional athletes are now turning to more alternative natural methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to get ahead and avoid the risks posed by harmful synthetic drugs.

Actually, TCM has been long used for injury management even dating back to the times of the Shaolin monks, who integrated holistic TCM remedies into their rigorous training.

Several studies have highlighted most TCM herbal supplements used in sport can reduce oxidative stress and combat fatigue which can enhance muscle recovery and endurance capacity, when used properly.

Herbal Supplements and Athletes

Increasingly Olympians are switching to the more holistic approaches of TCM like tai chi, acupuncture and massage, which all hold many mental and physical benefits. 

Many successful, including Michael Phelps have sworn by TCM massage for years. He receives at least two massages a day, along with an ice bath. TCM can benefit athletes of all levels, from beginners right through to high-performing, professional athletes.

In TCM, muscle strains and sprains arise due to disrupted blood and Qi flow through your body which can be caused by stasis or blockages in the meridian points of your body. 

Traditional Chinese remedies are a more natural alternative to speed up the recovery process by promoting the flow of blood and Qi through the body to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Which is why you should make it apart of your fitness routine today.

Herbal Medicine for fatigue

No matter if you’re a novice or an elite professional athlete, committing yourself to those cold early mornings and late-night training sessions is not always an easy task. 

That’s why a good night’s sleep is essential for your body’s recovery to ensure that you can perform at your peak every day, all year round. But often the stress can grow as big event approaches which often leads to many sleepless nights, TCM might just be your answer to a quality night’s sleep.

Sunny Pills

 Sunny Pills are your ultimate ‘all-inclusive’ TCM herbal solution for maximum recovery and endurance by reducing fatigue which can benefit athletes of all levels.

Using only 100% herbal ingredients, Sunny Pills work to treat mild anxiety, nervous tension and stress while promoting clear thinking, an agile mind, sound sleep and improved memory. Sunny Pills focus on supporting efficient functioning of the liver and heart by boosting the smooth-flow of blood and Qi to these organs improving the efficient functioning of the body.

What makes Sunny Pills different is that it is a non-addictive and non-toxic solution that addresses the cause of joint and muscle pain rather than just simply numbing the symptoms.

Do your body a favour and opt for Sunny Pills, your non-toxic and natural remedy for injury recovery and prevention.

Feel the difference of Sunny Pills and get started today HERE.

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