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Can I claim for TCM on my health plan?

The answer is yes, but it is dependent on your level of private health care. We suggest you refer to your policy to see exactly what coverage you have.

Can TCM diagnose cancer?

TCM can detect imbalances and blockages in the energy system of the body long before it manifests into a physical condition. Western medicine now recognises that breast cancer can be present in the body for seven or eight years before science is able to detect its physical presence, and when it does it’s usually the approximate size of a pea. TCM can detect cancerous signs in the body before their physical manifestation.

Do I have to go and see a practitioner, or can I buy the medicine from a pharmacy?

For initial diagnosis, treatment and for serious conditions, it is always recommended that you see a practitioner first. However, if your condition is for low mood, anxiety or menopause, you can choose one of our specifically tailored products – Sunny Pills or Anti-Meno capsules. (link to page).                                                                        

Does Chinese herbal medicine come in capsule form?

Traditionally, herbal medicine could only be taken in liquid or oral form and much of it tasted horrible! Now, the formula has been strengthened and modified into capsule form, so it can be taken anywhere and at any time.

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM need to be accredited in Australia?

Yes, all such medicine have to go through approval conducted by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and also conform to the stringent standards of quality, safety and efficacy required by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (SRTG). These standards include the manufacturing processes in a factory certified with Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) by the TGA and the testing of maximum allowable levels of heavy metals, micro-organisms and pesticides.

How long does it take to work?

With acupuncture, the improvement can be immediate but generally, if you’re relying on a herbal remedy, results may be seen in a few days to a week, depending on the condition.

I don’t understand, if I have a problem with my eye, why would you put a needle in my arm?

The role of acupuncture is to determine whereabouts in the body the blockages are and to unblock them. To do this it works on the meridians. It may be that your eye problem is caused by a blockage in the meridian that runs from your eye to your arm – it’s easier to put the needle in your arm!

I hate needles, do I have to have acupuncture?

For more serious conditions, acupuncture is usually the first suggestion with the most effective results. However, for emotional and less serious physical issues, a herbal solution will often suffice.

I have a degenerative knee condition. How can TCM help me?

Of course, TCM cannot replace damaged or degenerating cartilage. However, it can have strong anti-inflammatory effects on a particular area, improve circulation and blood flow and support muscle repair. This will relieve pain and can help to avoid unnecessary operations.

What illnesses can you treat with Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM?

TCM can diagnose and treat any medical condition, from back pain to a stomach ulcer, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, the list is endless. It can treat any complaint because it believes that all physical symptoms are a long-term result of an energy malfunction somewhere along the line. Its role is the find out where that blockage is occurring, release it and restore the body to proper balance.

If there is a specific question you may have, and it’s not listed in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your query. We will endeavour to answer it within 24 hours or sooner.

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