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Self evaluation

Self Evaluation

How are you feeling?

Regularly checking in with your physical and mental state keeps you balanced, healthy, and aware of any potential health issues. 

To help you live life with vitality we have provided simple self-evaluation tools.

If you feel you may be suffering from nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety, this brief guide can help name your feelings and identify common triggers.

For women experiencing the first symptoms of menopause, our guide to the common symptoms may help you understand what you are experiencing.

Remember these are guides to better understanding your current physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They should not be considered substitutes for visiting your health practitioner or seeking professional help for nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.


Managing nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety

Around 3 million Australians face nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety every year. For many, the symptoms go unmanaged which can lead to more serious mental health issues developing over time.

ThisHerb Sunny Pills provide a natural remedy for the symptoms of mild Reduce lethargy and fatigue

•    Improve blood flow through the heart and liver
•    Relieve stress
•    Improve sleep quality
•    Support healthy kidney function

The 100% natural remedy for nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety, made from our patented blend of 16 traditional Chinese herbs, plants and fruits, has provided a much-needed vitality boost for hundreds of Australians.

As an added benefit, Sunny Pills can be used as a brain supplement for students. The active ingredients also maintain the internal fertile environment, working as a natural fertility booster in men and women.

Managing menopause

Every woman experiences menopause, most commonly between the ages of 45 and 55 although symptoms can last for more than a decade.

ThisHerb Anti-Meno is a natural remedy for the most common symptoms of menopause:

•    Night sweats
•    Hot flushes
•    Pain and discomfort
•    Vaginal dryness 
•    Irritability
•    Tiredness

Our wholly natural formula made from a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and modern pharmaceutical research works to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and give you a full, active life while managing the transition.

personal wellbeing

Traditional Chinese Medicine, which we have drawn on to create modern therapeutic remedies, teaches the importance of balance for a long and healthy life.

ThisHerb products help you to unlock the energy stored within your internal systems. The all-natural energy boost from Sunny Pills and Anti-Meno unblock trapped Qi and promote healthy blood flow so you can live well every day.
For a balanced, healthy life you should consider adding these activities into your regular schedule if they are not already: 

•    Regular physical exercise
•    Healthy diet with vegetables, plants, protein and lower carbs
•    Avoid sugary, fatty and overly salty foods
•    Regular sleep pattern; early nights are better than sleep-ins
•    Talking with family, friends or health professionals about any issues
•    Meditation 
•    Yoga 
•    Natural supplements and remedies like chamomile tea or aromatherapy 
•    Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake
•    Quality time with friends and family
•    Watch comedies
•    Read books you enjoy
•    Take breaks from technology
•    Spend more time with your pet
If you require further advice or believe your health is at risk, consult a health professional for advice. 
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A pedigree of 3,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, melded with twenty-first century modern technologies, makes ThisHerb an extremely potent force in offering only the purest and most natural therapeutic treatments and remedies.