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Self evaluation

Self Evaluation

We have provided a very simple Self Evaluation pro forma for you to check off to assist in self evaluation for menopause and anxiety and depression. It must be stated that these are not substitutes for consulting a health practitioner – merely a guide to better understand your current wellbeing.


personal wellbeing

Also consider adding these ideas to your daily regime to potentially increase your personal wellbeing: 
  • Regular exercise;
  • Healthy diet- lots of leafy greens and vegetables/low carbs, reduce your sugar intake;
  • Quality sleep – early nights rather than late sleep-ins;
  • Talk about any of your issues with family or friends;
  • Take up meditation or yoga practice;
  • Natural supplements and remedies, such as chamomile tea, aromatherapy etc;
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake;
  • Spend quality time with friends and family;
  • Watch comedies;
  • Get a pet or spend more time with your pet.
But remember, should you require further advice, consult your health professional.
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