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Australia's fertility rate
Australia’s fertility rate: trends and issues
Complementary Therapies in Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine for female infertility: An updated meta-analysis VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, PAGES 1-138 (FEBRUARY 2015)
Chinese herbal medicine may improve pregnancy rates 2-fold in female infertility.
This updated meta-analysis includes 40 RCTs and more than 4000 women.
Chinese herbal medicine may improve ovulation rates and overall menstrual health.
Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Volume 19, Issue 6, Pages 289-350 (December 2011)
"Our review suggests that management ofemale infertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 4 month period compared with Western Medical fertility drug therapy or IVF. Assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle, integral to TCM diagnosis, appears to be fundamental to successful treatment of female infertility."
Chapter Ten - Treatment of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Female Infertility Neurobiology of Chinese Herb Medicine, Volume 135, Pages 2-311 (2017)
"The data of review showed that CHM has either specific target mechanisms of action or multitarget mechanisms of action, via regulating relevant hormone levels in female reproductive system, improving ovary function, enhancing uterine receptivity."
Chapter Thirteen - Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine on Male Infertility NEUROBIOLOGY OF CHINESE HERB MEDICINE, VOLUME 135, PAGES 2-311 (2017)
"It has showed that CHM improved sperm motility and quality, increased sperm count and rebalanced inadequate hormone levels, and adjusted immune functions leading to the increased number of fertility."
cell press
Liver, dietary proteins key in fertility February 1, 2011
" But a new report shows that estrogen receptors in the liver are critical for maintaining fertility. What's more, the expression of those receptors is under the control of dietary amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The findings in mice may have important implications for some forms of infertility and for metabolic changes that come with menopause."
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
Liver X Receptors and female reproduction: When cholesterol meets fertility! Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, January 2013, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp 55–60
 Cholesterol is the precursor of ovarian steroid biosynthesis and is also essential for fertility.Liver X Receptor (LXR) α and LXR β are nuclear receptors activated by oxysterols, oxidized derivatives of cholesterol.This review will try to enlighten on the LXR as a molecular link between dietary cholesterol and reproductive diseases in women.
Xue Zheng lun

"Liver stores Blood, therefore regulating liver can solve most blood related syndromes." ----------<Xue Zheng lun>

Gu Jing Yi Jian

"The main reason for infertility is the damage of seven emotions. which causes the deficiency of Qi and Blood and Irregular menstruation, and hence lead to infertility." ----------<Gu Jing Yi Jian>

Fu Qing Zhu Nv Ke

"Liver stores blood and kidney store essence (sperm). Male infertility is all about the essence (sperm). Why blood deficiency could lead to males infertility? The reason is that the kidney essence can't be released if liver Qi is stagnant. As the kidney is the mother of the liver, if kidney essence is deficient, the liver is deficient too, thus makes the liver very important for both male and female fertilities."-----------< Fu Qing Zhu Nv Ke>

Journal of traditional chinese medicine
Curative effect of assisted reproduction technology by Traditional Chinese Medicine multi-channel interventional therapy on 95 cases of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer failure Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Volume 37, Issue 5, October 2017, Pages 681-687
TCM multi-channel interventional therapy can increase the natural pregnancy rate of patients with ART Failure (the triple therapy is superior to the dual therapy); it can increase the fertility rate, clinical pregnancy rate, and decrease the early abortion rate during the period of secondary IVF-ET; it can improve syndromes of kidney deficiency, liver depression and blood stasis.
hournal of traditional chinese medicine V35
Effect of traditional Chinese comprehensive therapy on gestation in patients with previously failed in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Volume 35, Issue 4, 15 August 2015, Pages 428-433
TCCT can promote the natural pregnancy rate in patients with previously failed IVF-ET. TCCT could increase patients' fertilized egg number, fertilization rate, pregnancy rate, and clinical pregnancy rate after another IVF-ET treatment. TCCT can also relieve the symptoms of KLB.


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