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Australia's fertility rate has been falling for a considerable time and is below replacement level since the 1970s.

With the average age of women at first pregnant is relatively late compare to other countries, one in six couples has trouble in getting pregnant.

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  • Infertility is due to physiological cause in the man or women or both
  • Sperm and egg quality problems, sperm delivery problems, fallopian tube damage or blockage, even simply aging can highly affect one’s fertility
  • Modern lifestyle or bad habits
  • Chronic stress and depression
  • Abuse of alcohol and tobacco
  • Lack of physical exercises
  • Being overweight or underweight and diabetes
  • Chronic insomnia

We are always here to help

It can be hard, and it can be quite a fight. But we are always here to help. 

Many Traditional Chinese Medicines have long been proved to have a good effect in boosting fertility, as they work on balancing functions of internal organs. 

Thisherb Health's Sunny Pills blends 16 herbal medicines to nourish and strengthen the Liver and Heart, support the Kidney, in order to relieve stress, and boost your natural fertility.


Sunny Pills is an Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed medicine.

It is a patent formula based on TCM classics with modern modification.

your liver matters

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, liver is a very important organ as it:

  • Controls and regulates free flow of Qi throughout the body.
  • Is closely related to Spleen and Stomach to promote digestive system.
  • Regulates blood circulation.

Liver stores blood and regulates the blood circulation, it helps in:

  • Regulating menstruation
  • Promoting water metabolism
  • Regulating mind and emotions.

In Western Medicine

Liver has important role in reproduction. Liver is considered as a central coordinator of metabolism and producer of many important hormones. Latest report shows that estrogen receptors in the liver are critical for maintaining fertility. 

Cholesterol is the precursor of ovarian steroid biosynthesis and is also essential for fertility. In the uterus, cholesterol is key to achieve correct contraction at term, but excessive uterine cholesterol concentration has been associated with contractility defects. 


Trying to get pregnant can be stressful for both man and woman.
Research indicates that most cases of infertility can be attributed to a physiological cause in the man or woman. About one-third of the infertility is due to a physiological problem identified in woman, one-third of the infertility lies with the man, and the remaining one-third lies with both parents.

Studies also show that women with infertility feel anxious or depressed when they are diagnosed with cancer, hypertension, or recovering from a heart attack. Typical symptoms include shock, grief, depression, anger, and frustration, as well as loss of confidence and self-esteem. 

-------The psychological impact of infertility and its treatment, Published: May, 2009

TCM theory believe emotion is the key to infertility. Emotional disorders such as worry, stress, upset, depression and restlessness may cause stagnation of liver Qi and then develop into blood stasis and irregular menstruation.

Sunny Pills is a safe choice for relieving stress and anxiety level.

INFERTILITY in tcm (traditional chinese medicine)

"Liver stores Blood, therefore regulating liver can solve most blood related syndromes." ------------<Xue Zheng lun>

"The main reason for infertility is the damage of seven emotions. which causes the deficiency of Qi and Blood and Irregular menstruation, and hence lead to infertility." ----------<Gu Jing Yi Jian>

"Liver stores blood and kidney store essence (sperm). Male infertility is all about the essence (sperm). Why blood deficiency could lead to males infertility? The reason is that the kidney essence can't be released if liver Qi is stagnant. As the kidney is the mother of the liver, if kidney essence is deficient, the liver is deficient too, thus makes the liver very important for both male and female fertilities."-----------< Fu Qing Zhu Nv Ke>

How to boost natural fertility
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Quit smoking and binge drinking
  • Exercise moderately
  • Avoid weight extremes
  • Healthy diet
  • Boost liver and heart function
IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

IVF, or in vitro fertilisation, is a technique used to help a woman get pregnant. It is when a human egg is fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. You might consider IVF after trying to conceive naturally for 6 or 12 months. Although many couples successfully given birth to healthy babies using this treatment, risk of failure is still exist.

In 2018, a VARTA audit of 24 clinic websites showed the average score had improved from 5.54/9 in 2017 to 6.33/9 in 2018.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be of help if you are considering IVF. 

A pedigree of 3,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, melded with twenty-first century modern technologies, makes ThisHerb an extremely potent force in offering only the purest and most natural therapeutic treatments and remedies.