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Monday December 16th, 2019

Do you often find yourself complaining about being tired, or using it as an excuse to avoid socialising or completing simple tasks? If so, you are not alone. The demands of the modern world mean we are constantly overstimulated, resulting in fatigue.

While in some cases fatigue is the cause of a larger issue, it can often be improved or even reversed by a change in lifestyle. Taking steps to reduce tiredness and increase productivity is important to balancing work, family, and social lives in a happy and fulfilling way.

Everyone feels tired on occasion, but when you constantly have no energy or feel exhausted it may be time to address this strain on your life.

There are many causes for fatigue, and it is often a combination of factors contributing to tiredness and lack of motivation.

From psychological factors like stress, anxiety, and depression, to physical problems like an illness, or physiological additions like a lack of sleep or pregnancy, the root cause can vary widely.

Certain lifestyle habits have a clear negative impact on your energy and motivation levels; drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, eating foods high in sugars and processes carbs, and staying up late will all contribute to fatigue.

External factors that contribute to tiredness may include stress, too much physical activity, a lack of sleep, and boredom. These issues are different to medical problems and can be improved on with a change in lifestyle.

Once it is determined that there is no serious medical cause for your fatigue, there are a wide range of improvements you can implement in your life to help reduce tiredness and increase your energy levels.

Depending on the cause of your fatigue you may try the following; drinking more water and reducing caffeine, eating healthily and cutting out too much sugar, getting regular exercise, improving sleep habits to get enough sleep, reduce or remove alcohol and nicotine from your life, or using natural remedies for fatigue.

Just as important as all the above methods is making sure you have time to relax, and not put too much pressure on yourself. Activities such as yoga and meditation can help, as well not overloading yourself at work or home by setting realistic goals.

A sign of something more serious?
If adjusting your lifestyle makes no improvement to your fatigue, go and see a doctor. In some causes extreme fatigue can be a sign of a more serious problem, and medical causes will require professional help to be diagnosed and treated properly. 

Medical reasons for fatigue may include anemia, iron deficiency, liver or heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more. 

How ThisHerb can help
More often than not fatigue can feel like a medical problem when it is in fact a psychological one, that can be helped by positive lifestyle changes. A vital step is ensuring you have the right intake of vitamins and minerals by using a natural medicine for fatigue, such as Sunny Pills. Designed by ThisHerb using 100% natural ingredients, they were developed to promote a sense of vitality and well-being, which in turn will decrease the effects of fatigue.

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