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In TCM, Eczema reflects Qi imbalances of internal organs, metabolic wastes, and toxins caused by Liver Qi stagnation, Gut damp-heat, and Blood Heat. Damp-heat is a factor of damp and heat, caused by the underperformance of the digestive system.

The signs and symptoms could include the following:

•    feeling of heat in stomach or chest, thirsty but no desire to drink water
•    sticky, greasy, thick yellow tongue coating; nauseating taste or smell in the mouth
•    loose or sticky stool streaked with mucus or pus
•    red or burning skin, pimples or rashes flare-up

When the digestive system is under functioning, damp-heat easily accumulates, causes Qi stagnation and an imbalance in internal organs, which can have a negative impact upon your wellbeing, and even cause illness. 

To keep your symptoms under control, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle while living with eczema. 


healthy diet and lifestyle lists

  •  Avoid excessive damp-heat inducting food: fatty or oily, sweet, greasy or spicy, high calorie food; caffeine and alcohol
  • Keep regular exercises and adequate rest
  • Keep the skin moisturized
  • Keep away from triggers of eczema such as soaps and household cleaners; Fragrances; certain fabrics such as wool and polyester; cigarette smoke; metals, in particular nickel.

While Ecezme Free Capsules can assist in the relief of eczema symptoms, we do recommend that you see your health practitioner for further advice should some or many of these statements reflect your current state of wellbeing.

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