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Can herbal supplements help with memory and concentration?

Tuesday June 4th, 2019

 Supplements for memory and concentration

Forget your lunch again?

Is your memory slowing you down on a daily basis and interfering with work, school grades and just life in general?

If you find yourself always reaching for that glass of wine, ice-cold beer or smoke each night to sooth the stress of a long work day, it might be time to stop.

Memory decline can be brought on sooner than you think by alcohol, tobacco, sleep deprivation, head injuries and stress.

Did you know that saturated fats and processed sugar laden diets have also been linked to reduced brain activity and learning capacity?

The good thing about these causes of memory loss, is that most of them are easily preventable.

The mind is like a muscle, if we don’t use it regularly it gradually becomes less agile and effective. Simple lifestyle changes can improve your mind and overall wellbeing, like exercise, adequate sleep, reading, puzzles and a healthy diet.

But sometimes trying to sooth those stressful thoughts is often easier said than done.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years as a natural alternative to ease stress build-up and sharpen the mind, body and spirit.

In TCM, stress is often associated with a disturbance in the flow of Shen, or the mind and spirit. TCM can help stabilise Shen, calming the mind and spirit by regulating your Qi flow to help you respond to stress in a healthy way.

Do Brain Supplements work?

Getting through the entire work day, let alone work week can be a mental challenge.

Did you know that by making a small number of natural lifestyle improvements can actually work to cure and improve your mental agility. 

It all starts with food and starting the day with the right breakfast followed by ample exercise.We recommend starting the day with a hard-boiled egg on whole-grain toast to boost your verbal and visual memory, then washing it down with that cup of coffee you’ve been craving all morning to regulate your brain concentration.

To make sure your memory and cognitive speed lasts throughout your busy day, why not incorporate natural traditional herbal remedies? Supplementing a healthy diet with established herbal medicine and essential vitamins and minerals will improve your antioxidant protection, increase cognitive function, relieve mental fatigue and improve your memory.

Brain Supplements for Students

We understand how stressful this time of the year can be for students with the endless exams, assignments and work we are all trying to keep up with.

We know how it goes, you start studying, the hours tick by and you’ve done no study but somehow managed to watch a whole season of Game of Thrones in a day.

Often the stress can get in the way of our health, concentration and even our memory. Which is why, especially this time of the year students need all the help they can muster to get ahead in education and that’s where Sunny Pills can help your mind, mood and memory!

ThisHerb Sunny Pills

In the same way, our bodies can affect our emotions, our emotions can affect the functioning of our bodies.

In TCM poor emotions are considered the major cause of all diseases. Which is why happiness and relaxation are imperative for the harmonisation of blood and Qi and the efficient functioning of the body.

Sunny Pills is your daily natural alternative to refining your cognitive function and concentration to ensure you can always perform at your peak. 

Sunny Pills assist in maintaining an abundant heart Qi, once taken the Pills boost ample heart blood, ensuring smooth-flowing blood vessels which uplifts mood, promotes clear, focused thinking, an agile mind and sound sleep.

What’s even better, is that each Pill uses 100% herbal ingredients with no hidden side-affects or toxic additives so what you see is really what you get!

Sharpen your memory today, the natural way with Sunny Pills, the best natural herbal supplement for memory and concentration.

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