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Boosting Fertility in Men

Thursday July 18th, 2019

What is Infertility in Men?

Male infertility may be more common than you think. In fact, male infertility accounts for up to 50% of all infertility complications. Male infertility is described as the inability of a male to achieve a pregnancy in a fertile female, often commonly due to semen deficiencies.

A healthy young male produces around 100 million sperm daily, however this number declines with age, poor health, heat exposure, chemicals and radiation.
Around five per cent of the Australian male population of reproductive age is thought to have low sperm counts or quality. The most common causes of male fertility problems are due to issues with sperm production in the testes or reproductive tube blockages.

Surprisingly, there might be a few seemingly harmless things you do each day that are actually seriously impacting the quality of your sperm count. Male fertility can be seriously impaired by poor lifestyle choices like consuming drugs, alcohol, smoking, certain medications, obesity and certain forms of strenuous exercise.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your sperm count and quality through a few simple lifestyle changes.

Eating Healthy

Antioxidants containing zinc and vitamin C may just be your answer to reducing oxidative stress which will improve your fertility. You’re probably wondering what is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress occurs when your body’s own antioxidant defences are overwhelmed because of disease, old age, unhealthy lifestyle and even environmental pollution. This stress can lead to serious complications like tissue injury and inflammation, increasing the risk of chronic disease contributing to male infertility.

Did you now that your diet actually plays a big role in improving the health of your sperm? A zinc-rich diet full of meat, eggs, dairy and nuts can be beneficial in improving some male fertility issues.

Vitamin-C rich antioxidants can improve your semen quality, motility and count. A study found that by taking antioxidant supplements twice a day for two months reduces the proportion of deformed sperm cells by 55%.


Exercise offers many advantages, not only does it improve your confidence and physical performance it also raises your testosterone levels. Studies show men who regularly exercise have much higher testosterone levels and as a result better-quality semen than those who are inactive.

But doing too much gruelling exercise can be harmful and reduce your testosterone levels but eating zinc-rich foods like nuts, eggs and meat may minimise your risk. If possible, ensure you try to avoid intense cycling or horse-riding if you want to improve your fertility.

Male Fertility Supplements Australia

Complimenting your diet and exercise with Sunny Pills, a natural Traditional Chinese herbal remedy, will boost your fertility without all the hidden nasties.

Sunny Pills are a simple, natural IVF treatment combining traditional Chinese herbal remedy and select ingredients to tonify your Qi and improve blood flow to fertility rich parts of your body.

Sunny Pills are a no fuss alternative to the complexities of IVF, each pill encapsulates the holistic TCM approach by seeking to address the cause rather than just simple numb the symptoms.

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