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Menopause FAQs


Can I take Anti-Meno while I’m taking other prescribed medications?

As Anti-Meno is 100% herbal it can be taken with other medicines. However, avoid taking Anti-Meno for at least 30 minutes before or after your other medicine to increase its efficacy.

Have Anti-Meno capsules been accredited in Australia?

Anti-Meno capsules are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and also conform to the stringent standards of quality, safety and efficacy required by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (SRTG). These standards include the manufacturing processes in a factory certified with Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) by the TGA and the testing of maximum allowable levels of heavy metals, micro-organisms and pesticides.

How long do I have to take Anti-Meno for?

Keep taking while experiencing menopause symptoms.

If I take them long term, will I develop a dependency?

Anti-Meno capsules are 100% plant-based so there are no dependency concerns.

What if I’m post-menopausal but still experiencing symptoms?

You can still take Anti-Meno. It’s more about rebalancing the body to function effectively from within and therefore reducing the effects of symptoms whatever they may be and whatever stage of menopause you might be.

Will Anti-Meno address all of the symptoms of menopause?

Anti-Meno has been developed to provide effective relief from most of the main symptoms of menopause. Although everyone experiences menopause differently, Anti-Meno will automatically seek to address whatever is most out of balance for you. So, while one person may find it may provide effective relief from hot flushes, another who isn’t experiencing hot flushes, may benefit more from a calming effect on their mood swings, for example. 

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